Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

ix Preface •  To Be Transparent: Seeing Directions and Connections in Black Lesbian Film · Alexandra Juhasz

Introduction • The Sisters in the Life Archive Project · Yvonne Welbon

PART I • 1986–1995 

Introduction · Yvonne Welbon

1. Birth of a Notion: Toward Black, Gay, and Lesbian Imagery in Film and Video  · Michelle Parkerson

2. Narrating Our History: An Introduction · Thomas Allen Harris

3. Narrating Our History: Selections from a Dialogue among Queer Media Artists from the African Diaspora · Edited by Raúl Ferrera-Balanquet and Thomas Allen Harris, with Shari Frilot, Leah Gilliam, Dawn Suggs, Jocelyn Taylor, and Yvonne Welbon

4. Construction of Computation and Desire: Introduction to Yvonne Welbon’s Interview with Pamela L. Jennings · Kara Keeling

5. Ruins and Desire: Interview with Pamela L. Jennings, July 27, 2012 · Yvonne Welbon

6. the book of ruins and desire: Interactive Mechatronic Sculpture · Pamela L. Jennings

7. A Cosmic Demonstration of Shari Frilot’s Curatorial Practice · Roya Rastegar

8. Identity and Performance in Yvonne Welbon’s Remembering Wei-Yi FangRemembering Myself: An Autobiography · Devorah Heitner

PART II • 1996–2016

Introduction · Yvonne Welbon

9. Producing Black Lesbian Media · Candace Moore

10. Stereotypy, Mammy, and Recovery in Cheryl Dunye’s The Watermelon Woman · Karin D. Wimbley

11. Coquie Hughes: Urban Lesbian Filmmaker. Introduction to Yvonne Welbon’s Interview with Coquie Hughes · Jennifer DeVere Brody

12. Stepping Out on Faith: Interview with Coquie Hughes, July 27, 2012 · Yvonne Welbon

13. “Invite Me In!”: Angela Robinson at Hollywood’s Threshold · Patricia White

14. Shine Louise Houston: An Interstice of Her Own Making  · L. H. Stallings

15. From Rage to Resignation: Reading Tina Mabry’s Mississippi Damned as a Post–Civil Rights Response to Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam” · Marlon Rachquel Moore

16. The Circuitous Route of Presenting Black Butch: The Travels of Dee Rees’s Pariah · Jennifer DeClue

17. Creating the World Anew: Black Lesbian Legacies and Queer Film Futures · Alexis Pauline Gumbs


Selected Bibliography